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5 reasons why property managers need a ticketing system

Ticketing or task management systems are digital tools, used to manage the process of issue tracking and resolving. We are used to seeing them used in managing customer support or other IT services. But property management increasingly embraces digitalization, so using a task management system there, is an obvious step forward.

Managing your tasks in a centralized platform brings all the information into one place, therefore makes it easier to handle. There you can assign, prioritize, track and resolve ongoing tasks.

The downside of not using a proper system for task management is that:

  • Maintenance requests might be overlooked
  • Responses can be delayed
  • Resolving the problem might take unreasonably long time
Therefore, your communication with tenants suffers and unsolved small problems can grow into bigger and expensive problems.

Here are five reasons why a ticketing system is useful for your business: 

1. Effective issue tracking and resolution

We have all been in a situation, where you have so many things to plan and do, but the information is scattered around different places – your mailbox, notebook, in your head. You don’t know where to start or if you have forgotten something. With a task management system every important unsolved issue is visible in one place.

Since most platforms offer the opportunity to link an email to the system, you can set up special maintenance email and whenever tenant sends a problem, it goes straight to the ticketing system. Once you have received the issue, you can start resolving it. Set up due date, assign it to a correct person and keep track of the progress.  In Hausing task management system, you can link your maintenance email, webpage form or QR-code with Hausing, so all problems reach you automatically.

You have a clear overview of when the task was entered, who is the supervisor, when it should be done and so on. A clear log gives a great insight of how further issues should be resolved.

2. Improved tenant-landlord communication

What’s great about task management systems, is that you can automate some of the processes, you otherwise would have done manually. You can set up automatic notifications for tenants. Send out a notification if you have received their issue, update them about issue’s progress and send out confirmation when the issue has been resolved. This way everybody stays in the loop without making an extra effort.  

You can also ask tenants extra questions and it all stays linked to a ticket. This way essential info doesn’t get lost between different channels.

3. Enhanced accountability

If a problem resolving process is properly documented, it makes the people involved more responsible for following the deadlines and their part of the resolving process. Set up deadline reminders to prevent delays and keep resolving issues in a reasonable timeframe.  

The key factor here is to get everyone (contractors, supervisors, tenants etc) to properly use the same system. Insure they check tickets involving their input regularly and give precise updates of the problem status.  If one party is not doing their part, the documenting process is not accurate. Otherwise, the tenant is still waiting for a resolution and overall communication suffers.  

In hausing ticketing system, there is a special contractor portal. Through this portal contractors can update tasks’ progresses, add pictures, files, acts or questions. All tasks are accessible from a smartphone.

4. Data-driven insights

With every ticket you gather a lot of data and can contribute yourself, to make data more accurate. You can have:

  • Incoming date and time
  • Deadline
  • Time spent to resolve issue
  • Reporter
  • Supervisor and person responsible
  • Category and labels
  • Statuses
  • Precise location of the problem
  • Comments
Accurate data helps you to see, how long it takes to resolve problems? What rooms need the most attention? What type of issues appear most frequently?  Are the deadlines met and are the tenants happy? 

With this data you can make your conclusions to help you with the decision-making process.

5. Better time and resource management

Each ticket provides detailed information about the problem, allowing property manager to prioritize tasks according to urgency, complexity and time. This ensures, that urgent tasks are addressed promptly, and less urgent tasks can be scheduled for later.  

Another useful function in a task management system is that you can assign tickets to most suitable staff members, which makes resource planning more efficient. You can distribute tasks more evenly and if you have a new incoming task, you can see who already has a lot of things in their to do list and who’s workload is lighter, to take on the next problem.  

Great analysing abilities help to make decisions faster, therefore problems get resolutions faster.

Hausing helps you with all the things listed above.

  • Link your webpage form or QR-code with Hausing, create an email for incoming maintenance problems, or enter tasks directly to system. This way, all problems reach you automatically.
  • Use the chat function to communicate with tenants or service providers.
  • Categorise your tickets, gather data and analyse it for future decisions.
  • Assign tickets to internal or external service providers, to get things moving quickly.  
Overall, implementing a ticketing system leads to a more efficient use of your time and helps to ensure you provide quality service. You can use different automations, get accurate data and stop spending time shuffling between different channels. Once all parties use ticketing system properly, it frees up your time, that was usually spent on time-consuming administrative tasks, to deal with more high-value activities.

Read more about Hausing ticketing system here or schedule a call with us and let’s see together how our task management system works and how you can benefit from it.

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