Utility cost division

Automatic utility cost division

When dividing utility cost, we consider the rules you set. Costs can be divided by different parameters - meter readings, square meters, precentages etc. You can choose utility cost types for each tenant. Also you can share some costs to yourself, to keep an overview of owners expenses related to a building. 

Tenant changes are smooth and easy - system calculates utility costs proportionally with rented time. 

Detailed analytics in system and in Excel

With Hausing you have a clear overview of utility cost division by rooms and tenants. Excel report is only one click away. 

Utility costs invoices go conveniently to tenant and accounting 

Monthly expense division only needs meter readings and services prices. According to this data, system generates invoices automatically. 

You can send invoices straight to tenant and if you have integrated accounting software, then also to accounting. In addition, you can link article codes to tenants and services, so the expenses end up in right places in accounting system. 

Clear overview of house's meters

With Hausing you have a clear overview of meters linked to a house. With what rooms they are linked with and who's consumptions are they tracking. You can connect different meters to each other and divide them between different rooms. 

You can insert meter readings either in the system or use Excel import. We draw attention to consumptions comparison, to divide costs equally. 


worth of utility invoices created


created utility invoices


saved hours per every object in the month 


undivided costs

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