April and May 2024 updates

In the last two months, we have implemented some new views and also improving the existing ones. New views contain more functions, which make analysing your objects more convenient. 

In addition, we now have integration with an accounting software SAF, so that their clients can send invoices from Hausing to accounting with a couple of clicks.

Objects menu

  • New rooms view – besides the new visual, there is vacancy column and filter, so you could get a quick and convenient overview of the object’s vacant rooms.

  • Dashboard – we added lease changes section, where you can quickly see what changes (lease endings, beginnings, indexations) are coming in the next three months.

  • Rooms view has now vacancy chart, like dashboard.
  • Room files in folders – now you can add files into folders, to create better system and sorting.

Other updates

  • Added new accounting software integration with SAF, so their users can also send their invoices conveniently from Hausing to their accounting.
  • If you download ticketing Excel, this now has one extra column for internal comments.
  • We changed archived tasks filter, so that all tasks would be available in tableview.  

If you have questions regarding the updates or something else, feel free to reach out to us at help@hausing.ee.

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