February updates

Last month's biggest update was launching the new sidebar, but we also did some other fixes and updates. 
  • The biggest update was new sidebar, where menu names are now visible, instead of being icons, this should make navigating more easy. Sidebar also has better structure.
  • Every rental contract has now business log. You can see what changes have been made and who made them.  
  • If previously automatic indexation was triggered, when the invoice was generated, then now the system does it automatically, even if the invoice in not generated.
  • In buildings view, Hausing calculates according to added rooms the buildings total and rentable area. Before the calculation was seen in rooms and contracts view. So, when you enter new building, you don't have to put down the building size yourself. 
  • In rooms table, now you can see all room types together - rental and common areas. 
  • In ticketing you can put existing task to sub-task

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