January updates

If December was all about finishing the year and dealing with Estonian VAT change, then new year has brought many updates to Hausing. This time, our main focus was cost sharing module.


Cost sharing and invoices: 
  • Now you can change already saved previous meter readings. NB! Keep in mind, that changing the previous month readings, changes next month readings also and makes inconsistencies in analytics. 
  • Divided and un-divided costs button is more visible now.
  • Cost division table has a row, that sums up the quantities of a cost. 
  • You can add prefix to invoice number.
  • We now show object address (street and number) on an invoicing e-mail subject line. This way tenant can see more quickly with what costs the invoice is linked to. 
  • If there is tenant change, then you can divide shared meter consumption proportionally, according to rented days.
  • If cost types could be in two levels (subtract one cost from another), then now they can be on three and more levels. This means that cost sharing will be ever more flexible.
  • Previously preventative maintenance calendar was generated for six weeks, then now it's generated for two years
  • In Hausing, there is blue question mark in the right bottom corner of the page. You can use it to find manuals and send your questions straight to us, without the need to send separate email.
  • We improved StandardBooks error messages, now there will be better overview of the error. 
  • We optimized the acts module and made it multiple times faster. 

Inspections module: 

We have put up inspections module for testing. You can easily set up inspection conditions, then do the inspection with your customer and generate an act with this data. You can sign this act digitally. 

You can use this function to receive and give away rental rooms or maintenance works and so on. 

If you wish to test this solution, then feel free to contact us at help@hausing.ee! 

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