March updates

In March we had two big updates - objects dashboard and Calidity integration. 

March system updates:

  • Every object has a dashboard - with new design every object has a dashboard, where you can see object data, vacancy, paid/unpaid invoices statistics, tickets statistics, overdue tickets and one year revenue prognosis. Dashboard is a great way to get quick overview of a building. 
  • Better search in CRM - in addition to name, you can search tenants with their e-mails
  • You can add comments to contacts
  • If you add room to a contract, we now show each room square meters, previously we only displayed room number or name
  • Now you can edit invoice accounting entry date 

Calidity integration

Calidity is an Estonian cloud-based company and thanks to them, remote meter readings reach you every month automatically. First Hausing clients have started using Calidity and their meter readings reach Hausing automatically. Two time consuming jobs are eliminated - manually taking meter readings and entering them to Hausing. This solutions saves valuable working time. In addition, you don't have to worry about making typos, when taking meter readings. 

If you want more detailed info, please write to us: info@hausing.ee.

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