Warranty tasks

Warranty tasks creation from email or through webpage form

Link your webpage form with Hausing or create an email for warranty jobs. This way all problems reach Hausing automatically. Notifications go out to the reporter of the problem, supervisor and contractor.

All maintenance jobs in one place

With Hausing there is no need to worry if the jobs are in someone's mailbox, Excel or in their head. With us, all the information is updated in real time and all parties see the same data. Also, you can see all messages, deadlines and promises linked to a job.

Access to contractors

There is no need to worry, that warranty cases may be lost in contractors e-mails. There is a special contractor portal for them in Hausing. Through this portal they can update jobs progresses and add pictures, files, acts or questions. All tasks are in one place and accessible from a smartphone.

Base the project analysis on data, not your gut feeling!

You can filter jobs with different parameters. You can analyse frequent warranty problems, maybe there is a way to make your work more effective. Analytics is illustrated with graphs in Hausing.

In depth-analysis ability, because data is in one place.

All files linked to a room are in one place

Now you can add files linked to an apartment or room to on place. Tenant has access to files through portal created for them. For example, you can upload devices manuals, so tenant will have clear overview of how things should be maintained.

Success in numbers


processed warranty cases


active apartments with warranty on Hausing


more effective work management


forgotten warranty cases

Frequently asked questions

Do contractors need thier own Hausing user?

 A contractor accesses their jobs through a portal, designed just for them. There they can see all warranty jobs directed to them. It is also accessible through smartphone and it has mobile-friendly view.

Does Hausing have an app?

We have created a special mobile-friendly version of warranty jobs management, so app isn't necessary.

Why should I use Hausing, if I can do the same thing with Excel?

Because with Hausing you have all the information in one place and you have a better overview of things. You can direct jobs to contractors with just one click.

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